Sony PVM 1454QM Disassembly

Just popped the cover off my Sony PVM 1454QM RGB video monitor. Have had it for a few years, and it's always worked perfectly well - just took it apart for a second time to check more carefully for any obviously bulgy caps.

It seems that these monitors (or at least their picture tubes) were manufactured in Ichinomiya in Aichi Prefecture, Japan. Apparently mine was manufactured in 1996.

Mine had a few defects when I got it (missing Sony logo, kind of grubby, dumb calibration settings, base has been hacked apart for some reason - perhaps to fit into some rack mount?), but was overall a pretty good deal at $50, free delivery!

Back of the Power Supply PCB
The Picture Tube in the Sony PVM 1454QM
Flyback Transformer in the PVM 1454QM
Deflection Yoke in the PVM 1454QM
Anode Cap
So all in all, it's a little dusty - but I really love the no-expense-spared modular design! Not entirely sure what's the deal with the paper phenolic board though (FR4 was obviously available back then...).


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