Akai EWI3020m Disassembly & PCB Pictures

The EWI3020m's "non-volatile" memory battery is soldered directly to the main PCB, which means you have to take the whole PCB out in order to desolder and replace it. I took my newly acquired EWI3020m apart a few days ago to replace the hardwired battery with a coin-cell battery holder.

Every one of the boards are single-sided Phenolic Paper PCBs populated solely with through-hole components and even jumper wires. You can see in the pictures that even some of the ICs (the CEM3374 VCO and EPROM for example) are socketed! Certainly makes repairs a happier experience.

Here are a few pictures of the disassembly and the main PCB itself; apologies for not having a suitable scanner!

Main PCB Images

EWI3020m Main PCB
EWI3020m Main PCB (traces)
Composited view of the component-side and trace side

Re-Assembled with Battery Holder Installed

Coloured wires are the "instrument in" cable
"Instrument In" connection to the I/O PCB


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